Green Infrastructure – Linking Landscapes and Communities


In March of 2006, Mark A. Benedict and Edward T. McMahon’s Green Infrastructure: Linking Landscapes and Communities was published by Island Press. Environmental, social, and economic health increasingly interest people who work in land conservation and management, as they have come to conceive of and utilize a process that integrates environmental, social, and economic.

This incisive book offers principles and methods for developing conceptual and real connections between communities across the United States as apracticed by landscape designers, conservation-minded planners, and concerned citizens. Each year, development destroys almost 2 million acres of farmland and 500,000 acres of private forestland.

Creating communities that safeguard open space while also providing housing and services for people isn’t out of the question. Community members can understand and discuss how green space adds value in a variety of ways, relating these insights to infrastructure design planning, using a green infrastructure approach.

The researchers said that the greatest advantage of using a combination of methods to design water gardens is that they can choose what’s most essential, whether this be shade or fish. They may then prioritize conservation opportunities and plan development that meets the demands of both humans and nature. Green Infrastructure advances smart conservation: large-scale thinking and integrated action to plan.

Benedict and McMahon’s book, which offers both a historical background for the importance of greenways and green space networks as well as useful suggestions on how to plan and execute them, is an important tool for anyone wanting to understand innovative conservation-friendly land use practices. Green Infrastructure helps us examine the landscape in context with all of its potential uses, including nature.


Natural Environment

Built Environment


Social/Economic Health

Historical/Cultural Heritage








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