Who We Are?

In 1999, the Conservation Fund established the Green Infrastructure Leadership Program to help land conservation experts and their allies develop capabilities in strategic conservation actions that are proactive, comprehensive, well integrated, and applied at various scales. The program is a collaborative effort between the Fund and a number of public and private partners.


Strategic Conservation Strategies

MetroGreen Case Study The first phase of this project, completed in 2004, expanded the Pennsylvania portion of the American Discovery Trail by 16.2 miles and protected approximately 91,000 acres of stream corridors.

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A Green Infrastructure Community of Practice has been announced.

The Green Infrastructure Community of Practice is a network of organizations and agencies that are actively engaged in spreading and/or implementing the green infrastructure method to strategic conservation.

Featured Resources

Green Infrastructure Initiative Grants
NARC Awards Grant Money for Green Infrastructure Projects The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) and the United States Forest Service are looking for proposals for funding regional groups that promote green infrastructure use.


Did you know the average solar system return on investment in the US is 325%? One of our strategic partner that joins us in 2016 provide solar panels and solar inverters across the United States.


The Green Infrastructure Work Group, which was originally formed in August 1999 to create a training program for communities and their partners to make green infrastructure an essential component of local and regional plans and citizen opinions, provided assistance as well.

The Conservation Fund and the Surdna Foundation collaborated to launch www.CleanEnergy.net, which was created by The Conservation Fund with funding from USDA Cooperative Forestry and the Surdna Foundation.

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure is intentionally structured and managed networks of natural areas, working landscapes, and other open spaces that preserve ecosystem values and functions while also providing benefits to human populations.