EPA Launches Healthy Watersheds Initiative and Web Site


The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation has launched a new project called “Healthy Watersheds” that emphasizes environmental protection and conservation. The program is being unveiled on a new Web site, which provides information on methods to identify and protect healthy watersheds and their components.

The EPA has launched a website that explains the importance of protecting and restoring our nation’s waterways. State officials will benefit greatly from the Healthy Watersheds campaign since they are generally large enough to implement major conservation measures and are well-equipped to assess and manage watershed resources. This initiative will also be beneficial for locals, watershed workers, and regional agencies.

The Healthy Watersheds Approach looks at watersheds as a system of living biota and habitat that are driven by important processes such as hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, and natural disturbance regimes. When programs focus on aquatic ecosystems, they are most successful if they recognize and incorporate these processes while managing watersheds as systems.

Although significant progress has been made in safeguarding and regenerating water quality under the Clean Water Act, America continues to lose healthy aquatic ecosystems. Preserving healthy watersheds will provide the essential natural infrastructure needed to restore water quality. The EPA’s new project is based on the basic notion that it is far more cost-effective to protect the numerous benefits provided.


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