Green Infrastructure Initiative Grants


NARC Awards Grant Money for Green Infrastructure Projects

The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) and the United States Forest Service are looking for proposals for funding regional groups that promote green infrastructure use. To assist these organizations in promoting green infrastructure best-practices, programs, and projects to their peers through communication initiatives, two $5,000-7,500 grants will be provided to regional.

In its second year, the initiative will address green infrastructure projects that help to prevent or adapt to climate change; handle wildland/urban interfaces with public lands; or promote regional livability through integrated planning. In 2009, the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission were designated as NARC’s first two Regional Centers of Excellence.

The Regional Centers of Excellence Initiative, a collaboration between NARC and the U.S. Forest Service, aims to promote regional green infrastructure planning and implementation by providing peer-to-peer information sharing among regional planning organizations. The Initiative will develop green infrastructure projects and stimulate new efforts by identifying regions with best practices in sustainable landscape management and facilitating mentoring.

Selectman Stephen Cassano, President of the NARC: “The Regional Centers of Excellence Initiative is a great method to engage members from NARC and promote green infrastructure and Landcare projects across the country. NARC is pleased to offer these grants and will continue collaborating with the US Forest Service and local planning organizations to raise public awareness on these crucial.

Applications are due by June 30, 2010, at 12am ET. The following is a link to the grant application form. NARC will notify award recipients on July 21, 2010. During the 45th Annual Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, CA in June 2011, grant recipients will be invited to make a brief speech.


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National Association of Regional Councils (NARC)

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