Chesapeake Watershed Network


The Chesapeake Watershed Network is a group of people and organizations working to protect and improve the land and waterways of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Our online community enables members to network and collaborate with one another by providing tools, resources, and connections to help them advance their goals.

The Center for Watershed Protection and the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area are excited to announce the debut of the Watershed Forestry Resource Guide, a new online resource dedicated to all things forest-related. This website has sections focused on Forest Planning and Assessment; Reducing Stormwater Runoff; Forest-Friendly Development; and Planting and Maint.

Whether you’re an engineer seeking information about using forests to treat stormwater, or a city planner striving for an urban tree canopy goal, this website will provide you with all of the fact sheets, presentations, how-to films, training activities, research papers, reports, and essential websites you’ll need.


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