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The Trust for Public Land (TPL) helps communities take action on parks and land conservation by providing expert advise based on extensive experience, the most up-to-date technology, and analytical methodologies that have been proven to work. TPL’s services include:

Conservation Vision: TPL can assist governments and communities in defining park and land conservation priorities, identifying sites to be safeguarded, and laying out networks of conserved land that fulfill the demands of the public. TPL frequently employs special Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques to accomplish this..

Conservation Funding: The Nature Conservancy (TNC) helps organizations and communities find and create funds for conservation from all levels of government. The Federal Affairs team at TPL interacts with lawmakers and government officials to obtain federal funding. The Conservation Finance Program at TPL aids states, counties, and municipalities in drafting legislation and ballot measures that will allocate public money for new parks

Conservation Research & Education: TPL promotes conservation through the acquisition and sharing of information on conservation problems and solutions, as well as enhancing the practice of conservation, promoting its public benefits, and encouraging pro-conservation public policy.

Conservation Transactions: The Trust for Public Land (TPL) helps to plan, negotiate, and complete land deals that result in parks, playgrounds, and nature reserves. TPL is an independent agent who purchases property from willing sellers and then hands it over to public organizations, land trusts, or other groups for preservation. In some situations.

Park Design & Development: The New York City Department of Parks restored a Brooklyn church playground from an unplayable, dilapidated mess into a usable, welcoming park that is used by families and children every day. The department installed two swings; added picnic tables and benches for shade; new signage; resurfaced the ground and stairs; trimmed overgrown hedge branches away with chains.

The Conservation Campaign: The Conservation Campaign (TCC) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that mobilizes public support for ballot measures and legislation that create public funds to protect land and water resources, established in 2000 as an affiliate of The Trust for Public Land. TCC’s website is the most complete source of information about conservation efforts across the country.

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