Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference


Gainesville, FL

Event Date:

July 9, 2009 – July 12, 2009


The Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference (SETC) has steadily grown in size and influence over the last several years, attracting hundreds of participants each year. Every year, the SETC continues to enhance its position as a forum for bringing together the horse trail world to better understand, shape, and institutionalize trail policies.

Learn how to work with land managers in an efficient manner. Learn about trail planning and construction. Discover some amazing places to ride/drive in the Southeast. Find out how to address trail concerns and more. Learn about the purposes and origins of using, maintaining, and developing trails

With an initial conference at Clemson University several years ago (2000), the concept of a meeting of equestrian trail brains throughout the Southeast grew. After three years at Clemson, SETC moved to Georgia in 2003. The SETC’s current cycle began in July 2003, when it started rotating around the Southeast. Now 14 states are members of the SET

The event has become significant nationwide, with a wide range of participants and various user categories emphasizing trail concerns at every degree. Since its inception, the conference has been aided by the Federal Highway Administration, which considers it to be the only national gathering of this kind.

The mission of SETC is to bring together those who are concerned about the trail’s natural and cultural heritage from the back of a horse. SETC strives to encourage equestrian self-evaluation, learning, and the creation of a conservation movement that will influence land-use policies at all levels of government.


Natural Environment


Social/Economic Health

Historical/Cultural Heritage





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