Training: Ecosystem Service Markets


Durham, NC

Event Date:

July 29, 2009 – July 31, 2009


Ecosystem services are a buzzword for conservation and restoration professionals, who are now being confronted with the phrase “ecosystem services.” A new method to rank preserved based on their ecological benefits or potentially provided by these lands is being considered by states, regional authorities, land trusts, and others as they assess what areas should be conserv aside or restored.

Existing and developing ecosystems services markets may also serve as a new revenue source to help augment conservation funding. These new ecosystem service trade opportunities might develop into an important component of land trust firms’ business structures.

This course will cover the foundations of ecosystem service marketplaces, as well as updates on the state of the largest ecosystem service markets and practical information about how to participate in them. The fundamentals will include (1) how the service is measured; (2) why economic valuation is used for prioritizing conservation opportunities, as well as how markets are establishing value.


Natural Environment

Built Environment

Social/Economic Health



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