Green Infrastructure: Smart Conservation for the 21st Century


Mark A. Benedict, Ph.D. and Edward T. McMahon, J.D., of the University of California at Davis, authored a series of articles that praise green infrastructure as the ideal conservation strategy for the new century.

  • Professor Richard L. Staaks of the University of Houston’s Department of Natural Systems Engineering and E-Commerce Program recently published an article in, “The Renewable Resources Journal,” entitled Researching Global Warming Mitigation: The Incremental Cost Implications of Moving to a Hydrogen Economy.
  • Resource efficiency is often used interchangeably with operational cost savings and supply chain management. A business may intend to reduce costs but not its carbon footprint by outsourcing certain tasks or improving its operational efficiency.
  • The term “green infrastructure” refers to environmentally beneficial features in transportation planning, such as parks, bikeways, and other open spaces.




The Conservation Fund

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