Civil War Battlefields

Targeting Protection Opportunities

The Conservation Fund helps conservation agencies and organizations meet their conservation goals by developing solutions that allow them to inventory, analyze, and visualize their conservation priorities.

Region(s): National

Scale: City/Town

Focus: Historical/Cultural Heritage

Organization: The Conservation Fund

Today, our Civil War battle sites are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Sacred ground where more than 600,000 Americans died is being paved over for shopping malls and housing developments.

– Civil War Preservation Trust


The Conservation Fund was asked by the Civil War Preservation Trust to conduct rapid assessments of battlefields across the country in order to support the protection of historically significant Civil War battle sites.


The Civil War Preservation Trust needed a fast overview of potential landowner protection prospects at historical battle sites to help them get in touch with landowners and track how far they’ve progressed toward meeting conservation objectives.


The CD contains a customized ArcGIS™ map document on CD that identifies critical lands for protection and includes a GIS database integrating historic battle maps, current land records information, natural resource data, and other supporting data. Rapid Assessments have been uploaded into a specialized web-based tracking system to track progress and compile acquisition results.


The Civil War Preservation Trust has conducted 49 Battlefield Protection Fast Assessments in eight states and is now planning another 10-15 for the Civil War Preservation Trust in 2007. Through outright purchase or conservation easement on these valued battlefield areas, the Civil War Preservation Trust has acquired over 6,500 acres of ground.

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