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The Conservation Fund works with partners to help them implement compatible land use planning, which involves developing partnership methods for communities to collaborate with forest, park, refuge, and other government-owned sites’ managers. Visualization of many objectives and networks is essential to resolving tough land use planning issues at the local, regional, and national levels.

Region(s): National

Scale: National

Focus: Natural Environment, Built Environment

Organization: The Conservation Fund

Within the Southeast Region, particularly in Florida, the federal government, the military, states, and local governments are confronted with enormous and complex issues relating to national security, natural resources, and economic vitality. The members of SERPPAS recognize that continuing business-as- usual is not a viable option for dealing with these problems. To ensure mutual mission accomplishment

– Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS) Strategic Action Plan (May 2006)


The Conservation works with the Department of Defense and the military services to help them achieve a variety of goals that include preserving compatible land use, curbing encroachment, and achieving other benefits by linking landscapes to missions.


The US Department of Defense is confronted with an urgent need to establish compatible land use partnerships that will protect working landscapes and vital natural resources while also reducing encroachment risks and maintaining military operations. Communication and cooperation with local communities near military installations and ranges are critical for ensuring military readiness and the economic benefits of military activities in the region.


To create compatible land use partnerships, it’s critical to think about planning challenges at a regional level and establish local action plans where communities may communicate and collaborate with neighboring military bases. SERPPAS has received mapping and planning assistance from the Fund, conducted a protected areas strategic assessment near Fort A.P. Hill, and organized a compatible land use workshop.


The Fund continues to contribute to SERPPAS’ development through GIS mapping, planning, and strategic conservation guidance. The Fort Stewart workshop is the beginning of a compatible land use partnership curriculum and instruction guide for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, which will be developed as a result of the event. The Purchase of Conservation Easements is also being.

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