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The SvR Design Company is a planning and design business that has been leading the industry in sustainable infrastructure. On more than 30 green infrastructure projects, SvR has planned, designed, and managed construction while incorporating concepts of natural drainage and low-impact development (LID) systems, community, habitat, mobility, and system maintenance and operations.

Sustainable development, according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is a “continuous improvement in global living conditions” that considers the environment and society as well. To establish this concept, Stantec’s Sustainable Development Program began working with The Nature Conservancy of Canada to develop a project that integrated both civil engineering and landscape architecture into a system

The Mural Arts Program’s Sustainable Streetscape Repair Services and Construction Work has been utilized on a wide range of projects throughout Pennsylvania. In total, we’ve completed over 100 projects across the state, including public schools, retail centers/malls, healthcare facilities, municipal offices/plazas, transportation systems (including light rail), residential communities.

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