New Case Study of Baltimore County’s Forest Sustainability Project

The Green Infrastructure Leadership Program at the Conservation Fund just published a new case study authored by USDA Forest Service’s Dana Coehlo on the Baltimore County Forest Sustainability Project. This is the fourth in a series of case studies that showcase successful and creative green infrastructure efforts from across the country, providing communities with an opportunity to learn from and improve upon others.

The Baltimore County Forest Sustainability Project engaged stakeholders in developing a Forest Sustainability Strategy for the county, allowing participants with different viewpoints to establish a shared understanding of local forest concerns and find those areas that require further study. Stakeholders also agreed on actions necessary to maintain the long-term health and vitality of Baltimore County’s diverse forest.

The recent action of the Chesapeake Executive Council on forest protection underscores the significance of this kind of land cover to the overall health of the Bay.

The goal of the green infrastructure approach is to help communities achieve environmental and economic objectives by focusing on the best possible places to preserve and develop. Green infrastructure projects combine public and private organizations concerned about biodiversity, habitat, and land preservation as well as working lands such as farms and forests.

The Conservation Fund’s Green Infrastructure Leadership Program was created in 1999 to enhance the training and development of land conservation professionals and their partners for proactive, methodical, well-integrated, and applied at many scales. The program is made up of several public and private stakeholders.

About the Green Infrastructure Leadership Program

The Green Infrastructure Leadership Program at the Conservation Fund encourages strategic conservation concepts and techniques in order to define long-term sustainable environments at numerous scales. Information, training, and other services on green infrastructure are available through the Conservation Leadership Network’s national and regional training courses.

About The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund is the nation’s leading environmental charity dedicated to safeguarding America’s land and water heritage for future generations. The Fund strives to combine economic and environmental goals in order to achieve innovative conservation solutions for the twenty-first century.

Since its inception in 1985, The Conservation Fund has assisted its partners in preserving wildlife habitat, working farms and community “green space,” as well as historic areas totaling more than 6 million acres. The Conservation Fund is the top-rated environmental nonprofit according to both the American Institute of Philanthropy and Charity Navigator.

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