EPA Watershed Academy Webcast: Using Rain Gardens to Reduce Runoff

Event Date:

December 3, 2008 – December 3, 2008


Stormwater drainage from new developments has exacerbated water supply challenges in some communities across the country. Rain gardens, for example, are low- or no-impact building techniques that may help control runoff and give visual appeal.

Backyards, front yards, parks, schools, and libraries may all benefit from water gardens. They provide beauty and habitat while also lowering a community’s carbon footprint and providing water quality advantages. Join us for this fascinating Webinar to discover more about these natural solutions to water pollution.

The GARF Workshop will also provide a look at how existing rain garden programs have been developed and marketed by EPA’s Nopoint Source Control Branch’s Jenny Biddle, the 10,000 Rain Gardens Initiative of Lynn Hinkle in Kansas City, and Pamela Rowe with the Rainscapes Program in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Webcast: 1 – 3 pm (ET)


Natural Environment

Built Environment

Social/Economic Health





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