Definition of Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is intentionally structured and managed networks of natural areas, working landscapes, and other open spaces that preserve ecosystem values and functions while also providing benefits to human populations.

Strategic Conservation Approaches

We must also address haphazard conservation, which is reactive, site-specific, narrowly focused, or otherwise poorly integrated with other efforts. We require “smart conservation” to strategically direct and influence our nation’s conservation practices in the same way that we need smart development to strategically guide and influence land development patterns. Green infrastructure offers a solution that protects.

Green Infrastructure on a Macro and Micro Level

Green infrastructure planning, on the other hand, may be segmented into smaller pieces at all scales, from state to county to city to parcel/site. Low-impact development techniques (LID), conservation projects, green/grey interface, and so on are essential components of any successful green infrastructure plan that are frequently found at the site/parcel.