Strategic Conservation Services

The Green Infrastructure Approach to Strategic Conservation, as advocated by the Conservation Fund, is one of many organizations that utilize it. Please see the Partners area for a selected list of organizations with whom we collaborate.

The Conservation Fund offers a variety of Strategic Conservation Services, including:

  • Assessments: The Conservation Fund’s Strategic Conservation Program has completed rapid assessments and comprehensive green infrastructure plans for counties and regions all around the county. Find out more about the Fund’s Strategic Conservation Assessments. To learn more about requesting a Green Infrastructure examination in your area, contact Will Allen.
  • Training: We offer both free and paid training programs for municipalities, conservation partnerships, non-profits and individuals. Our national course Strategic Conservation Planning Using a Green Infrastructure Approach provides a strategic approach for prioritizing conservation opportunities while also providing a planning framework for conservation and development. For more information on this and other courses offered by The Conservation Fund, go to their Training.
  • Publications: The Conservation Fund has written several papers and articles on Green Infrastructure-related issues. To view a list of publications that include the recently published book, go to the Resources Section.