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JAN 24, 2023

The Fillmore – San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

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    “Big Black Coat is a beautiful, intricate album that will surely impress long-time Junior Boys fans as well as those new to the band.” – Pitchfork

    -Dave H.

    “This record is an expertly crafted exploration of sound and atmosphere. A must-listen for any fan of indie pop or electronica.” – Stereogum

    -Jenny K.

    “Junior Boys have created something truly special with Big Black Coat. An album that will draw you in and leave you wanting more.” – The Guardian

    -John D.



    • So This Is Goodbye (2006)
    • Begone Dull Care (2009)
    • It’s All True (2011)
    • Big Black Coat (2016)


    • Last Exit (2004)
    • Birthday (2005)
    • In the Morning (2007)
    • Hazel (2008)
    • Kiss Me All Night Long (2010)
    • Playtime (2012)
    • Big Ego Remixes (2013)

    How to Buy Ticket?

    Fans of Junior Boys, make sure to get your concert tickets for the upcoming Big Black Coat tour as soon as possible! Here is a guide on everything you need to purchase tickets.

    The most convenient way to buy tickets is through the Junior Boys website. However, there will also be a special pre-sale for fans who sign up for the Junior Boys mailing list.

    You can find VIP tickets to the Junior Boys show at their official merchandise store. These include a meet and greet with the band, early entry into the venue, and a limited edition tour poster.

    Keep in mind that Junior Boys is a well-known band and their concerts have been known to sell out rapidly, so if you’re hoping to see them live, buy your tickets ASAP!

    Biography & Tour

    After releasing So This Is Goodbye in 2006, Junior Boys found themselves struggling to be creative. Over the course of three albums and a handful of EPs, the Hamilton, Ontario-based duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus had used synthesizers, drum machines and samplers to create pop music.

    They had taken the pop song and broken it down to its core parts before rebuilding it into something that sounded both like other songs and completely unique. With So This Is Goodbye, they were confident they’d found the winning combination, so it was time to experiment elsewhere.

    Big Black Coat is Junior Boys’ most recent album that focuses on essential pop hooks with more intricate arrangements than their previous work. By specifying the focus on atmosphere and textures, the album provides a sense of both intimacy and vastness.

    Big Black Coat is Greenspan and Didemus’ first album that they wrote and recorded completely by themselves. In the past, they would always collaborate with other artists, either when recording in a studio or live on stage. However, this time they chose to do it independently, which yielded amazing results. All of the sounds on the album were made by Greenspan and Didemus alone – resulting in an cohesiveness that was absent from their earlier albums.

    Two years sound Unlike their previous work, it’s evident that Junior Boys have entered a new stage where they experiment with sounds, noises, and beats. This album was recorded during engineering and production in different studios across Hamilton and Toronto by Greenspan and Didemus themselves. Consequently, the album reflects their unique progressiveness.

    Big Black Coat, the new album from Junior Boys, will be released on February 5th in CD, vinyl and digital formats. A deluxe edition with a bonus disc of remixes and B-sides will also be available. The band will support the release with an extensive tour; dates to be announced soon.