MetroGreen – Kansas City, MO

The proposed 1,144-mile interconnected system of public and private open spaces, greenways, and trails dubbed MetroGreen® is intended to link seven counties in the Kansas City metropolitan area. In Kansas, it covers Leavenworth, Johnson, and Wyandotte Counties, as well as Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte Counties.

City of St. Catherine’s – Ontario, Canada

The City of St. Catherine’s Green Plan is a plan that identifies the city’s green areas and suggests methods for preserving and improving them.

Harlow Area – United Kingdom

The Green Infrastructure Plan describes how to preserve, enhance, and where necessary expand the green spaces. Parks, gardens, woods, and nature reserves with or without public access are examples of green spaces. Linear features such as off-road pathways, roads, rivers, streams, or hedgerows that may serve as corridors for wildlife and link people to open.

Paseo Pantera – Central America

“Paseo Pantera” was intended to create a biological corridor of parks and protected areas along Central America’s length.

Yellowstone to Yukon – US/Canada

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is a coalition of over 340 organizations, institutions, foundations, and conservation-minded individuals from Canada and the United States who have recognized the value of collaborating to restore and maintain the region’s distinctive natural heritage and quality of life.