The Green Infrastructure Community of Practice (GI CoP) is a collaborative network of businesses and organizations that are actively involved in promoting and/or implementing the green infrastructure approach to strategic conservation.

Green infrastructure is a type of sustainable development that involves using the natural environment to provide benefits to human populations. Green infrastructure is intentionally planned and managed networks of protected green space that preserve ecosystem values and functions while also providing ecological services for human use.

The goals of the Community of Practice are to:

  • Encourage members to share information and knowledge with one another by fostering peer-to-peer communication and learning.
  • Promote a similar technique and language.
  • Encourage local and regional adoption of plans, strategies, and polices.
  • Duplication, collaboration, and project simplification are all possible with this approach.
  • Encourage people to voice their own opinions and provide new suggestions.

The Community of Practice portal is a virtual center of knowledge and ideas, shared among peers, to help advance green infrastructure principles and concepts in the country’s preservation efforts. This portal is for both those who develop, design, and implement green infrastructure plans as well as those who will utilize them. We welcome you to join our community and share information with others.

On these sites, members have submitted profiles on many topics related to green infrastructure from across the country. Web-based forms are available on each page for members to submit their own profiles.

To discover more about specific organizations, projects, resources, or events, select the links in the left column to browse through ORGANIZATIONS, PROJECTS, RESSOURCES, or EVENTS. Use the ‘keyword search’ below to look for terms in all four categories.